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Archives Bound and Unbound

A major collection of bound and unbound documents lodged with the Society by private individuals, and organisations operating within the municipal boundaries as established from time to time. These include the Andrea Bow Collection and the Dr Len Allen Collection and other publications of particular historical value, minute books, membership lists, minutes, records of activities, brochures, plans, etc..

Estate Agents Sales Brochures

A continually developing collection of approximately 13,000+ brochures illustrating houses for sale and, where known, the price paid at sale. Organised by street, then house number. Records of some of the more prominent buildings go back to the late 19th century.

Heidelberg Heights, Land Ownership, 1838 - 2000

A pilot study covering the area bounded by Upper Heidelberg Rd, Altona St., Gotha St and Bell St. listing over 5,000 landowners, beginning with Thomas Walker in 1938. Occupations and addresses at the time of registering ownership are included for the vast majority.

Information Files

More than 4,500 files containing information in the form of newspaper and journal clippings, brochures, short histories of families and buildings, personal accounts, etc. relating to people, places and events. Copies can be made for purchase.


Approximately 650 works covering Architecture and buildings, Art, Biographies, Cemeteries, Churches and religious organisations, Directories and almanacs, Family histories, General history, Government and government institutions, Hospitals, Indigenous peoples, Local area histories, Organisations and clubs, Parks and gardens, Schools and education.

You can see a list of all of our books available for viewing at the museum.


Approximately 3,500 database entries, that include maps and subdivision and estate plans dating from the first surveys in 1837 and the first land sales in 1838. Recent donations have substantially increased the maps collection, especially housing estate plans.

Mounted works

Some 200 original paintings and photographs, prints, reproductions, etc. relating to people, places and events from local history.


The following newspapers are held in bound form:
  • Diamond Valley News, July, 1967 - June, 1974.
  • The Heidelberg News,
  • November, 1900 - December, 1920.
  • July, 1922 - December, 1942
  • January, 1950 - December, 1951.
  • January - December, 1953.
  • The Heidelberg Voice, February - September, 1979.
  • The Heidelberger, July 1967 - December, 2000.
  • The Valley Voice, 1978 - May, 1979


Over 2,000 objects, garments and related memorabilia displayed and stored in our museum. Good use was made of these for our award-winning exhibitions: An Invitation to the Ball (2010), A Brush with Heidelberg (2016), Heidelberg’s Busy Bee Signature Quilt, 1895-1896 (2019-20).


Over 11,000 photographs of people, places and events dating from the earliest days of European settlement/invasion. Approximately 7,375 have been scanned into the computer system and copies can be made for purchase from originals or scanned records. We are also working on improving our collection of recent photographs of the district.

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