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The Old Courthouse

Posted on Friday, 4th June 2021 by Janine Rizzetti

From our Facebook site 6 May 2021

PICK THE DIFFERENCE! Here’s the Old Heidelberg Court House, the home of Heidelberg Historical Society, while it was still in use as a courthouse.

You’ll see here that it still had a slate roof, with finials and trim, and long lost (and much lamented) leadlight windows in the vestibules either side of the front door. On the left hand side, you can glimpse the old bluestone lockup which was demolished prior to the construction of the ‘new’ (since replaced) police station in 1961.

Earlier photos show the courthouse with a picket fence surrounding the whole courthouse, but here the fence has been replaced by a cyclone wire fence.

The courthouse became the headquarters for the Heidelberg Historical Society in 1979.

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