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HHS receives PROV Local History Grant

Posted on Saturday, 4th September 2021 by Janine Rizzetti

We are delighted that Heidelberg Historical Society has received a grant through the PROV Local History Grants Program for conservation treatment of the Busy Bee Signature Quilt that featured in our exhibition last year.

This quilt was created in 1895-96 as a fundraising effort by the Heidelberg Scots Presbyterian Church which was, at that time, located opposite the police station in Jika Street.

There are 140 names embroidered on the quilt from Heidelberg and various Melbourne suburbs. The contributors came from church groups, community organisations, businesses, government and through family and social networks.

You can learn more about the quilt and its subscribers, and see the squares close up at https://www.heidelberghistoricalsociety.com.au/hhs/quilt.php

We are delighted that this 126 year old quilt, with its rich history, will receive the care and treatment it needs to ensure that it continues to tell its stories long into the future.

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