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Tigers Celebrate Premiership!!

Posted on Saturday, 28th September 2019 by Janine Rizzetti

(From our Facebook Page, 28 September 2019)

Tigers Premiership

The Heidelberg Football Club Tigers, that is. And in 1920,not 2019.

The Heidelberg Football Club was established in 1876, making it one of the oldest football clubs in the country. At first their colours were blue and white, but in the 1880s it adopted the ‘yellow and black’ that it shares with Richmond Football Club today. In fact, they chose ‘yellow and black’ before Richmond did!

Their original home ground was in Heidelberg Park, but during WW2 they moved across Beverley Rd to their current ground in Warringal Park.

Heidelberg Football Club won the Heidelberg District Football League premiership in 1911,1912 and 1920.

1920 Premiership

The grand final between Heidelberg and Ivanhoe in 1920 was played at Heidelberg Park in front of 2000 spectators, the largest attendance at any match held in the Shire up to that date. It was a fine day, but there was a strong wind blowing to one corner of the ground. It was the first season that Ivanhoe had played since the war. The final score was Heidelberg 6.14 and Ivanhoe 2.6. The local newspaper reported that

The marking was somewhat spectacular at times, especially when half a dozen players would go in the air like kangaroos, and the next second would be down like ninepins, but the wind prevented the good display of football that was expected from two such teams".

Premiership Celebration

Heidelberg Football Club at the Heidelberg Recreation Hall

And here are the members of the Heidelberg Football Club, looking all very spruced up for the occasion, celebrating their 1920 premiership win. The celebratory dinner, organized by the Ladies Committee was held at the Recreation Hall (now Banksia Palliative Care) in Lower Heidelberg Rd on Wed 25 August 1920. The dinner had been promised two years ago, if they won the premiership. The club’s 1911-1912 banner was suspended above the table, and the young ladies who waited on the tables were “becomingly attired” with yellow and black on their caps. At 8.30 the room was cleared and a few hours’ dancing was indulged in by about 70 couples.

You can read more about the history of Heidelberg Football Club at their website

Photo: Table Talk 2 September 1920 through Trove

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