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Heidelberg’s Busy Bee Signature Quilt, 1895-96

Square D7

Quilt square D7


Archd Cameron / Williamstown.


Archibald Cameron (1861-1909) worked for the Victorian Railways and was a foreman at the Newport Railway Workshops.

Further information

He lived at 135 Ferguson Street, Williamstown, and was a member of the local Presbyterian Church.

The image above his name is a screw jack, useful for lifting derailed vehicles. This complements the statement in his 1909 obituary: ‘He was a prominent figure all over the railway system on the occasions of important derailments’.

We are intrigued by the parallel lines in the horizontals of the letters A and T, and wonder if the designer aimed to depict the railway tracks that were essential to Cameron’s work.

Comments by visitors:

Williamstown Chronicle 21 August 1909 p3
There died at his private residence, Ferguson-street, North Williamstown, on Wednesday morning Mr Archibald Cameron, a very old identity, at the age of 78, from senile decay.
Deceased, who was a native of Rothesay, Scotland, arrived in Victoria in 1853 in the ship "Queen". For many years he was associated with the Victorian railways, and at retirement occupied the position of yard foreman at the Newport Work shops. Mr Cameron brought to bear exceptionally inventive qualities in connection with his calling, one of his most important works being the superintendence of pile-driving in connection with the creation of the Port Melbourne and Williamstown railway piers, and also the Breakwater at the latter. He was a prominent figure all over the railway system on the occasions of important derailments. A notable achievement of the deceased in applied mechanics, some years back, was the bodily shifting of the original Presbyterian denominational schoolroom (one,of the largest building of its type in Williamstown) from its then site of the present manse, fronting Hanmer-street, to its present location as the existent School Hall fronting Cecil-street. In the work, which was purely "a labour of love," he was assisted by the majority of the then young men of the Presbyterian Church congregation on various evenings after work hours. Subsequent to his retirement from the railways, the late Mr Cameron became an ardent yachtsman, and in his spare hours built the speedy little yacht "Jessie," which for a considerable time had her name inscribed on the register of the Hobson's Bay Yacht Club, of which (needless to say) her owner was a prominent member. The " Jessie " had the good fortune to annex several trophies during her career. Mr John Cameron, of Melbourne-road, the eldest son of deceased is one of our most talented and respected townsmen.....

Submitted on 30th May 2019 at 06:59 PM
Last amended on 30th May 2019 at 07:00 PM

Archibald Cameron's daughter Jessie Mary Cameron was my mother's Dorothy Grace Fowler (Nee Cameron) mother. My grand mother married John Fowler from a very prominent Williamstown family. My mother's brother was Archibald John Fowler. My mother married John McKay Cameron.

I have a large amount of family history of both Cameron and Fowler families.

Submitted on 31st March 2020 at 02:01 PM


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