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Heidelberg’s Busy Bee Signature Quilt, 1895-96

Square H1

Quilt square H1


Flora A. Crichton.


The identity of Flora A Crichton is not immediately obvious.

Further information

In his book Kangaroo Ground: The Highland Taken, Mick Woiwod includes an image of ‘Flora Crichton, (later Mrs Scobie)’ in his narrative re Alexander and Mary Crichton, well known Kangaroo Ground pioneers. However, none of Alexander and Mary’s children were named Flora. 1 See [H14].

BDMV records show that a Flora Jemima Agnes Crichton was born in 1876 to parents Roden Foster Crichton and Jemima Little in Richmond. 2 The Andrew Ross Museum, Kangaroo Ground, holds a copy of the same image used in the Woiwood book and one of a younger boy, David Critchton (1880-1928), one of the sons of Alexander and Mary Ann, taken with an identical studio background. Alexander and Mary Ann were married in 1874 3, as were Roden and Jemina. 4.

Were the two men brothers, making Flora and David cousins?

Flora married Captain Robert Scobie in Maitland in 1906. 5 The couple went on to have three children. Scobie was killed at Gallipoli in 1915 and is buried at Lone Pine Cemetery, Anzac Cove, Turkey. 6, 7


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